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Viroproof for easy to use, safe and reliable protection against infection transfer in pandemic times.Hotels, hospitals, institutions and businesses are struggling to convince the customer that it’s safe to travel/ visit. We want to help change that. In a world which is being reshaped by pandemic infection whether you a run a hotel, hospital, restaurant, wedding planning business or a delivery business you need next gen protection gears to keep your customer and staff safe from infections. Reducing virus persistence and direct touch points is the only way to protect from infection transfer.

It’s about reassuring your customers about the incredible steps you are taking to protect them, and being able to follow through on your commitment to them with leading-edge viroblocking technology. It’s an industry game-changer, and we are the only company in this sector to offer HeiQ Viroblock as end to end ecosystem. Viroproof has portfolio of Antiviral anti-bacterial offerings with HeiQ Viroblock technology tested effective 99.99% against SARS-CoV-2 Virus* (Covid causing virus) to help you do that. Having Viroproof on your side is a premium differentiator from the crowd. Providing assurance to your customer that optimal protection and precautions are in place to deter infection is must to get back in business, restart it, to get that footfall you need after the lockdown gap.

*Data provided by HeiQ based on testing conducted on other materials. McAuley J. (2020) Report on “Viral Stability and Persistence of SARS-CoV-2 on Treated Material” Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Melbourne

Hypoallergic skin friendly fabric finishing for long duration use


End to end product portfolio for optimal protection


Reusable and washable below 60 degree



Vijay Wadettiwar

Cabinet Minister for Disaster Management

Wearing Viroproof Smart mask will help prevent the spread of infection and prevent the individuals from contracting infectious germs.
Smt. Sunetra Ajit Pawar

Social Activist (Deputy CM wife)

Viroproof Smart masks is well made and probably only mask I have seen in snow white color. I do travel extensively as a part of my work .
Vicky Oswal

Managing Director at Oswal Realty

Price is affordable so we ordered and Viroproof delivered us a load the next day, I bought it for residents and our staff at office & site to stay safe.
Shivdeep Wamanrao Lande

DGP -Anti Narcotics Cell, Crime Branch-Mumbai

Viroproof Mask is super comfortable, easy to use, does not create any skin redness despite using it for full day, I highly recommend .
Ankit Lodha

Senior Chief Manager (PSU Bank)

I am using Viroproof Smart mask for over a week now. I feel a lot safer with this mask on while interacting with clients & associates. It fits very well on my face.
Indrajeet Sarkar Nimbalkar

Technocrat & social Activist

Wearing Viroproof Smart mask is good for two reasons: It's has technology known to activate 99% of the Virus and also makes sure any germs on my hand don’t get into my mouth or nose.